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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sketching with WSU students

Sonic Boom Sculpture

Mural Amphitheater

Student Sketches
Enjoyed coming out to the Seattle Center and sketching with the WSU interior design students.  We met up before with a small number of Urban Sketchers, showing them our sketchbooks and explaining what we normally do with a Sketch Outing.  Off the students went to find a place to sketch and I saw them scatter all over the grounds.  After an hour we got back together to share what we did and I was very impressed with all the sketches they drew.  There is definitely a lot of talent in their group and many were surprised at what each other could produce (they need to share more often to learn from each other).  I encouraged them all to keep sketching because it will be a valuable tool for them in the future communicating their ideas to clients.  Hope to see another group in the future and join them for sketching again.