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Monday, September 16, 2013

Post Alley Sketches

A week ago Sunday, on a gloriously warm day, I biked down to the Pike Place Market, where I joined several other USk-ers who had been invited to join Gail and Frank's final class session and sharing.
Because I entered Post Alley from Stewart Street, I noticed this large tree, framing the Post Alley arch in the next block.

Fortunately, I was able to sit in the shade of the alley, and when I turned 180 degrees I was dazzled by someone's perfectly placed laundry strung across the alley - just like in 1958 England on the series "Call the Midwife!"


  1. Peggy,
    Great sketches! That laundry was a Buster Simpson Art installation! Amazing what used to be common outside our alleys is now art. It is still like that in Europe. There was real laundry hanging off the alley ways in parts of Barcelona.

  2. Peggy, these are delightful. Something has changed..your palette?..your technique?? and w/c?..more white space? VERY nice!

  3. My company GRUN Tree Care had just pruned that cherry tree a few months before you sketched it. It is a wonderful historic tree rumored to have been planted by Chief Stealth's daughter and you captured it beautifully.