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Monday, September 30, 2013

Installing the shows

A large group of Urban Sketchers met at Cafe Louvre on Friday (27 Sept)  to hand our show there.  It was a lot of work as there were so many pieces of art!

The display at the entrance to the cafe informs visitors about our group.

David is tall so he helped hang up the highest pieces

Gail's art  hangs all together along one wall

This wall was later re-arranged:

Then another helpful group of sketchers worked together today (Monday) to hang the Gallery North Urban Sketchers show.  Many thanks to those who helped, but especially to Beth and Teresa who did so much work to organize the show in the first place!
Michelle Abbott, Lynn Davis-Smith, and Teresa Lawton decide on the window display.
One wall done.

The last ones standing: Teresa Lawton, Lynn Davis-Smith, Kate Buike, Michelle Abbott and Beth Betker. More people helped but this is the group there at the end.
Display window for the show


  1. What a nice posting, Kate. Thanks for documenting the day. And thanks to all of you who pitched in on the project. Hope to see you all Sunday!

  2. Yes, agree with Jane! Great work! Thanks to all of you for coordinating. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday afternoon. I will be at Gallery North helping with the reception.