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Sunday, July 21, 2013

P-Patches and Shakespeare

My church is across the street from the Cascade P-Patch in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  The other day I noticed a "quaint" scene, and I promised myself I would return to sketch it.  Friday was a gorgeous sunny day, the neighborhood vibrantly alive as I sat on my stool beside the P-Patch.  After I sketched this scene, I walked around the P-Patch, once again promising myself I would return, SOON!

Last week, several outdoor Shakespeare companies started their summer season of performances.  I noted that King Lear would be performed by GreenStage Saturday afternoon in lower Woodland Park, just a mile from my home.  Since the weather was so perfect, I rode my bike, packing snacks, knitting, and oh, yes, my sketchbook.  What an incredible performance!!  For almost 2 1/2 hours I watched, forgetting to knit at times.  The characters, and costumes, and embellishments finally got me to sketching people - and people are NOT my forte!  What can I say?  I will, however go back to another performance and attempt the (almost) impossible!!
Links to Shakespeare plays:  <> and <> and <>


  1. Peggy--We really like your sketch of King Lear! Would it be OK with you if we used it in an upcoming e-newsletter? Please contact

  2. Both sketches are good but I REALLY like the pea patch!