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Monday, July 15, 2013

After the red-eye...

Took the red eye to Brooklyn and Manhattan the first of July to visit family. Arrived at 5:30 am hopped on the AirTrain to Penn Station. It was 6:30 am, about 90 degrees. Thought I'd take the subway to Brooklyn and cooked below ground drawing this sketch.

 Thankfully my daughter sent me a text saying she was on her way by car to pick me up, so I headed above ground - 33rd and 7th I think - and had a few minutes to do this very quick sketch of the Empire State Building.

I did a few more -a sort of visual diary -  some of which I'll post through the week. 


  1. Great capture of both subjects. Gotta love a gritty NY subway station, well done!

  2. Great sketches, Jane! You have really captured the spirit of NYC. I'm awed that you were able to sketch in crazy-busy Manhattan, and in a subway station in the summer!!

  3. I picture very sweaty hands! I love how you caught the people looking rather wilted. I'll enjoy your diary!