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Saturday, July 27: South Lake Union Market

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trove Vintage Boutique

I happened on this three-month old boutique in Ballard, on Market Ave. I got there when they opened and finished around 1:00, just as it was getting crowded and I began to worry that I was in the way. There's nowhere for me to sit that isn't blocking something that someone wants to look at, but customers are surprised to see me squatting there and they step away, even though I could see their trajectory was toward something just beside me. It's always interesting to watch people moving the things I'm trying to draw. They often touch things just enough to change their position in the drawing, but don't actually pick anything up. I wonder about the psychology of shopping where people feel the need to caress and fondle things they don't intend to buy. It's like a petting zoo of inanimate objects.

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