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Saturday, July 27: South Lake Union Market

Monday, July 16, 2012

Waiting at Sunlight Cafe

Sketching in the car is one of the best rewards of compulsive earliness.  This little oil sketch (8" x 6") was my souvenir from a pleasant hour!  I go around and climb into the passenger seat to avoid the steering wheel.  Watch out for cars whizzing by!


  1. i'm melting in this delectable warmth, beth! really nice.

  2. Love the colors and how loose this is.Very nice. Also love the Sunlight cafe!

  3. Lovely, Beth. You'll have to expound about oil sketching sometime. I've thought about doing it but haven't gotten organized.

  4. Great work Beth! Always enjoy your paintings and I'm going to try moving to the passenger side the next cold sketch trip (how did I not think of that?). Hope to see you soon.