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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Truck Graveyard

On the corner near the Georgetown Farmer's Market. Challenging to draw sitting so close, but the view from across the street was obscured by poles and parked cars. Beautiful day to sit in the sun with my earbuds in.


  1. Awesome truck Steve. You did a really nice job with the contrast between foreground and background.

  2. Thanks, Mark. I'm still learning. I should have moved the overpass lamp so it didn't line up with the windshield divider, but that's where it was.

  3. Steve,
    Great drawing! Love the color and shade and shadow!

  4. Thanks, Gail! I'd like to take a workshop class from you this summer if you're offering one.

  5. I love this era of trucks. They're so ugly that they're awesome! (They also seem to have faces.)