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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, March 21, 2011

Art along the Sound Transit Light Rail

Yesterday was my first ride on the light rail.  It was so easy and along the way you get to see some great public art.  On the train to the first stop I was able to get a sketch of fellow urban sketchers...but not enough time to watercolor as well.
Frank C., Olivia, and Sharon on the light rail.

First stop was Othello Station were I sketched and painted "Rainier Valley Haiku" by Roger Shimomura.
Rainier Valley Haiku
Second stop was Tukwila Station and boy was it cold....but we weathered it and I was able to get in a sketch  but had to take a picture and do the painting of it later.
"Soundings" by Clark Wiegman @ Tukwila station


  1. Now I see it's a shoe! I thought it was a table. I certainly missed a lot about this sculpture. Gail, I like how your sketch shows mass.

  2. As always, great cohesive color Gail! Great volume on these.

  3. both of the sketches are very good...but I really like the spontaneous quality of the group portrait. It got the essence of the scene.

  4. Love the sketch of people on the train. Well done.

    I really enjoy the deep saturated colors in your watercolor work.