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Saturday, July 27: South Lake Union Market

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ballard Farmers' Market

Ballard Farmers' Market by Susan K. MillerCertified wet & organic. I sketched this produce stand from the covered porch of a little house that is now a lawyer's office. Thankfully, there was no retainer fee required. Went back later, when the sun came out, and started another view, but timed out.

Despite the rain bursts (not quite on Frank's announced schedule), enjoyed the day and then drying out with folks at The Noble Fir. I was glad we could pay back the guy there, who had come out when I was huddled in his overhang, whining to Peggy about my broken water and ink bottles, and given me a bunch of paper towels. Good scenes and good people; let's go back!

Ballard Farmers' Market by Susan K. Miller


  1. Great Watercolor sketches as usual. Love how vibrant your colors are!

  2. These patches of beautiful floating color are wonderful! Do you block out the image in pencil first or just throw the color down in wild abandon?

  3. glorious! Love those blocks of color! The lawyers are lucky you were there to produce real value from their real estate.