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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Monday, March 22, 2010

UW campus

Had fun sketching with everyone.

Process for outdoor sketching in Seattle in springtime:
1) Pick subject and start sketching.
2) Sketch until either a) feeling in fingers is gone due to cold, b) heatstroke, c) shivering due to cold prevents accurate linework, d) sunburn becomes too painful, e) windblown trashcan almost knocks you over, f) territorial crow succeeds in knocking you over, g) rain/snow/sun/hail (often at/near the same time) makes water-based media uncooperative, or h) any combination of a) through g). Some version of this usually happens within 20 minutes or so.
3) Go somewhere indoors to recover. There are lots of bars in Seattle. Perhaps there is a connection.
4) Repeat, until the sketch (or you) are finished.
This sketch of the library took two cycles:

Later I went to the Burke Museum, the curators of which wisely choose to keep most of the exhibits indoors. This particular fish, a contemporary of T. Rex, is said to have reached lengths of up to 18 feet. In my quest to not, "judge a book by it's cover," I'll allow that this fellow could possibly have been a devoted vegetarian, perhaps even a buddhist, but I have my doubts. Fishing back then would have been more exciting than today, due to it being somewhat less certain as to who was ultimately going to end up in whose stomach.
See you all next month!


  1. Tim,
    I love your comments on the event! Hilarious but true. Great sketches...those new paints are rich with color.

  2. those fish teeth look as ferocious as your wit, I will be very careful!

  3. Laughing so much from the first comments, it's hard to get too scared by that fish. Love what you added on to the library. And your I. audax (as in 'audacious,' if the teeth are any indicator) has one memorable jaw!

  4. I like the way you can focus in and make something that could be general, much more visible...and colorful!