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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lunar New Year

(I actually made it but couldn't find any other sketchers! Of course I was a little late at the meeting spot, and my focus was on all the colors and activity once I got going!)

Unmistakably, Seattle with all the umbrellas.

It was so colorful. I loved it!
I had to wiggle my way up front to get any view of the lion dance.
A lot of these lines are my imagination since I couldn't really see.
Also the rain kept getting my paper wet, then the ink wouldn't work.
I kept wiping my paper with my scarf. It was quite a juggling act.

Watching the martial arts demos, my attention was on the crowd,
especially all the kids. Some were in their festive garb, but mostly covered by raincoats.


  1. Great sketches! You were able to do it with all the activity and rain. Beautiful color!

  2. wonderful sense of the crowd and excitement, and encircled by lanterns! Delicious.

  3. Really enjoyed these. Lovely colors and crowds.