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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sketches from the Outer Limits


I have been meaning to sketch this one for a while. I considered just sketching the flag/ sign/ gorilla, but it looks better in context. There are a lot of interesting buildings in Lake City ( the "Outer Limits" as my friend Ericka calls it ). The eye tends to get distracted though by all the miscellaneous signs, shiny metal objects, banners, balloons, inflatable creatures, etc.


This one is a bit north of Pierre Row, off the main drag. The Lake City Dick's Burgers does quite a bit of business.


  1. These are terrific sketches of my neighborhood!!

  2. i'm glad you went for the wide angle on the gorilla sketch, looks good, great simplicity and sense of space. i gotta get myself to Lake City one of these and sketch there

    beth, i didn't know you lived in Lake City!

  3. Thanks Beth. I live in Lake City as well. It makes a good subject for sketching.

    Gabi- Thanks again for putting this together. Hope to meet you soon.

  4. You gotta love any town with gorillas and resident artists with the wisdom to "capture" them. I'm still looking for ours down my way, in Puyallup. Lake City sounds like a great place to sketch. I love signs, all kinds...except for most, if not all, highway billboards.