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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

inside views

Some little vignettes from inside my little apartment. It's a 257 sq ft loft studio in a new building that feels really lovingly designed, unlike many microstudios I looked at in Seattle. I really adore the layout; it's perfect for one single person who (normally) works in a coworking area (keeping many belongings there as well). I moved here after breaking up with my longtime partner last fall, so honestly it has been a struggle to feel comfortable here sometimes. The lockdown has forced me to confront a lot of those feelings and also invest more of myself in the space.

The ceilings are about 20' tall with an enormous window, which really cuts down on the claustrophobia the space might otherwise induce. my bed is upstairs, so there's a clear separation between my living/working area and sleeping area. And no temptation to roll into bed once I'm up. In fact, the lower floor feels like a little office with its desk, microwave, mini fridge, bathroom, and sink. There are three full kitchens in the building but lately I've been using my hot pot & rice cooker to make almost all my meals, so I don't have to worry so much about sanitizing shared areas. I built a folding desk and shelves for this little nook. This is where I sit and spend most of my days (folding desk is down in this sketch):

One night I stood up on my loft and drew the view below: my two seater sofa, the shade pulled down over the window, plants and shelves attached to the wall. The drawing might not make any sense to you with its weird perspective, I just kind of went for it:

I kind of really miss drawing inside other spaces! Even though the weather is insanely nice now and perfect for outdoors socially distant sketching, I miss being indoors with other people and drawing corners of rooms and strangers' faces.

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  1. I love your sketches but also the space you call home now. I've been wondering about a move into something similar after the virus days wind down (or if?). Am also coming out of a long term relationship and will be starting over. may I ask the name of the building?