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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Georgetown Hidden Gem

Sunday in Georgetown I was looking for a garden or old building to sketch.  My wife dropped me off on Airport Way under the freeway ramp and she headed off to tour some of the wonderful gardens. As I began walking down the sidewalk, I noticed an interesting iron fence surrounding a garden. I looked at my Garden Tour Map and didn't see this location on the tour, but my interest was primed to take a closer look.  The gate was open and there was some activity going on around the back.  I stepped just inside and was transported to an Italian villa landscape.  Who would have guessed that in Seattle (Georgetown), under a freeway ramp, there would be this wonderful garden and building!
  I checked  to make sure I could sit quietly and sketch while the employees were cleaning up after a Saturday evening wedding reception.  I will have to return and enjoy a meal at this Georgetown restaurant in the near future. 



  1. This is an absolutely beautiful painting!

  2. Ditto what Kate said, David. You outdid yourself with this one!