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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, April 6, 2015

Enjoying an Easter Sunday on Vashon

Yesterday we had a long day.  Got up to go to church for early morning Easter Sunday Service,  then my husband rushed off to catch a Ferry to Vashon Island to go rowing with our friend Kim.  I waited for our son Ian to arrive from Bellingham and then I rushed off to catch a ferry with my sons Ian and Matthew.  What a beautiful day...a blue sky with puffy clouds, definitely a good sign that spring has arrived.  We enjoyed an outdoor meal with barbequed salmon..the first of the season. Guess who we bumped into on the way home, Frank Ching walking his dog while waiting for the ferry.


  1. It was a beautiful Easter Day wasn't it. Your colors and people are perfect for the celebration.

    1. Thanks Jane,
      Hope you had a great Easter too. Look forward to seeing your sketches from your lasted adventures.