Next Monthly Sketch Outing

July 9th (date change) Georgetown Garden Walk
See Monthly Outing page for details.

Adhoc Outings

Friday Sketchers" ad hoc outings

If you are free Friday mornings between 10am and 12:30 pm, please join us.  We usually meet the 2nd and 4th Friday


We're looking forward to again sketching every Friday during the summer months of July and August.  If you have any ideas about where to sketch, let us know via message on our Google Group.   

Friday July 7 Pike Place Market Expansion

We are starting our Summer weekly Friday sketch outings with Pike Place Market
85 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101

Meet at Rachel the Pig at 10am. She's beneath the Public Market Clock and Sign at the corner of Pike Place. We'll then move on to explore the new Market expansion which just opened.  We'll find a place to share sketches at 12:30 pm. 

There are lots of places to gather for lunch after. 
Summer Ad Hoc Schedule - Plan Ahead

A sketch outing has been scheduled for nearly every week from now through August! Some locations are still TBD, but we thought you’d like an early heads-up to fit them onto your most-likely-busy summer calendars. It’s a good mix of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so we hope more people will be able to participate during the best time of year to be here!  The regular monthly Sunday outings can be found on the Monthly Outings page. 

Friday, July 7 - Pike Place Market expansion

Sunday, July 9 – Georgetown Garden Walk

(July 14 -16 is the USk “Dancing Lines” workshop, so no sketch outing that weekend)

Saturday, July 22 – downtown core around the Seattle Public Library

Friday, July 28 - TBD

Friday, Aug. 4 – TBD

A marathon weekend of sketch outings (in consolation of the cancelled West Coast Sketch Crawl)... see below

    Friday, Aug. 11 – Olympic Sculpture Park
    Saturday, Aug. 12 - Bainbridge Island (morning and afternoon; details TBD)
    Sunday, Aug. 13 - West Seattle Farmers Market

Friday, Aug. 18 - TBD

Friday, Aug. 25 – TBD

Ad Hoc Sketch Weekend  
Friday, Saturday Sunday Aug 11, 12, 13

Sketch opportunities galore for Aug. 11 – 13

Many of us were disappointed that the West Coast Sketch Crawl in Vancouver was cancelled. But that doesn’t mean we’ve missed out on sketch opportunities, especially on what will undoubtedly be a weekend of great weather (historically, anyway)! As consolation, Seattle USk is planning a marathon of sketch gatherings Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 11 – 13! These outings will not be a formal replacement for the Sketch Crawl; they will just be ordinary sketch outings like the kind we always have – but we’ll have one every day so there’s plenty to choose from.

The locations are still TBD, but details will be announced as soon as possible. For now, please put the dates on your calendar, and we hope you’ll be able to join us for as many gatherings as you can. If you have out-of-town friends who were planning to attend the Vancouver event, let them know they can come to Seattle instead!

In addition, as we have the past few years, we’ll be scheduling gatherings almost every Friday in July and August, so there will be at least one sketch outing every week during the best part of summer. Please keep your eye on the blog’s “ad hoc” page for details (as well as this Google group). As we all (sadly) know, the outdoor sketching season is all too brief! Happy sketching, everyone!

-    Tina, Kate and Jane


USk Tacoma invites Seattle:

Urban Sketchers Tacoma Monthly outing is the 1st Saturday at 10am.  There is also a regular 3rd Wednesday outing. And more.... Schedules can be found here


  1. Any sketchers want to go out to the nature area between Duvall and Carnation? There is a wonderful large Nature area that would be a great place for plein air or sketching. i am interested in going but don't drive so was wondering if a group might like to go and we could have lunch in Duval or Carnation. Looking for a group outing, the sooner the better! This weekend would be great weather permitting.

    1. I don't know if you got any replies to this request. You might consider joining our Google Groups - see link in right column of our blog - that way you can send our an email to the group.
      Also, send me an email: janewingfield at gmail dot com with specifics of your suggested location - especially meeting/parking spots. We don't usually go to rural locations. The exception has been a pumpkin farm. But it could possibly happen.