Monthly Sketch Outing

Next Sketch Outing Sunday April 27, 2014
See Adhoc Outings for additional sketch events during the month.

Adhoc Outings

Adhoc Sketch Outings

"Friday Sketchers" outings.

If you are free Friday mornings between 10am and Noon, please join us.  Over the past several months, we've been meeting the 2nd and 4th Fridays.  

The ad hoc "Friday Sketchers" schedule for April is TBA.

April Schedule for ad hoc Fridays

11 April
Panama Hotel Tea House in the International District
It is one of the locations of "On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet," an historical novel by Jamie Ford set in Seattle during the Japanese internment.  A few Seattle sketchers were there during the last Sunday sketch outing.

Meet at 10am
607 So Main St, Seattle, WA, 98104

Possiblw tour of the bathhouse 

Contact Kate Buike if you are interested. mkbuikeatcomcastdotnet

25 April:
UW Red Square
There is lots to sketch outside but if the weather isn't good there is the beautiful Suzzalo Library.
Meet at 10 am at the front doors of the library (facing out to Red Square).


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  2. Hi Seattle sketchers, I am coming to Seattle with my husband and some friends from Sept 27-29 and could meet some of you Seattle sketchers for at most a couple of hours, ideally on Saturday Sept 28, maybe 10 - noon?

    It would be great to meet some of you! I already met Frank Ching at his workshop in Lisbon 2011.

    Sigrid, urban sketcher from Vancouver, BC

  3. Oh, and you can email me privately at

    s i g r id a l b e r t (at) telu s (dot) net

    all one word, no spaces, I am just worried about spam.


  4. Sigrid emailed me and we have a tentative plan. As soon as I hear back, I'll post the plan to the Google group and send our organizers (Gail & Jane) the info to post here.

  5. Argh! After so much proof reading I still got the date wrong! The January ad hoc outing at St. Mark's should be on 24 January! Sorry for the confusion.